Allan Nelson - Violin Teacher

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As a Musician

I was raised in a musical family, playing several instruments, with strong bluegrass and country influence. Eventually, I found my true passion for the violin and have been playing ever since.

My performance experience includes being first violinist in the Concordia Symphony Orchestra, as well as playing in classical music festivals and fiddle competitions. 

Most recently I placed first in the Kiwanis festival and have been invited to compete in the 2019 Canadian Grand Masters Championship in British Columbia.

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As a Student

Much of my time is devoted to studying various aspects of violin and fiddle playing and pedagogy through lessons and masterclasses. Some of my teachers and influences include with Patti Kusturok, Frank Ho, Calvin Vollrath, and Mark Fewer.

I have extensive experience in baroque, fiddle, and rock music, though my current focus is on classical and romantic era repertoire.

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As a Violin Teacher

Before deciding to build my own studio, I spent years teaching for private music schools in Edmonton. While teaching, I devoted much of my time to developing my own curriculum, methodology, and pedagogy.

As a member of the Alberta String Association, I have expanded my resources and have used them to benefit students as the lead string teacher at former studios in Edmonton.