About The Studio

What we teach

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As a cerebral, conceptual, and wholly transparent instrument, students hoping to master the violin must spend their time engaging in more than just theory and technique. Students enrolled in Fiddle and Fugue will develop a deep appreciation and thorough understanding of the musicality behind their playing. In doing so, we will be preparing students for the following:

  • RCM Examinations (Royal Conservatory of Music)
  • Festivals
  • Chamber Music
  • Ensemble Work
  • Solo Work


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At Fiddle and Fugue we have developed a style of teaching that differs from the commonly-used Suzuki method, in an effort to create more independent students with a solid understanding of their music. While Suzuki focuses on approximation with the ear and is an effective tool to refine, it is not a base for the foundation of your technique. Our students become mindful, self-directed players by focusing on the following skills and abilities:

  • Note reading and memorization from the first lesson
  • Music as a series of procedures and thought processes
  • How the fingers relate to each other and the instrument
  • Mindfulness of the hands and the body
  • The ability to play a piece without having heard it first

The Three Roles

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The Students' Role

The violin is a deeply personal instrument, requiring the student's attention and devotion. Students enrolled in Fiddle and Fugue are tasked with reflecting on their craft and their own learning. Every student is given access to a digital journal and practice log in which they record various aspects of their own playing, in order to develop and grow their playing as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. Regular practice and self-reflection are key to developing the skills necessary to master this difficult instrument.

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The Teacher's Role

A music teacher is so much more than simply a fountain of skill and information. They are an historian, connecting centuries past with modern developments. They are an investigator, discovering exactly what each student needs in order to succeed. They are a storyteller; creating metaphors, analogies, and encouraging guided discussions that develop a meaningful understanding of the instrument and the music they will create. At Fiddle and Fugue, we look beyond the bar lines and delve into what makes a student into a musician.

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The Parents' Role

At Fiddle and Fugue, we know that one of the greatest indicators of a child's success is the level of engagement from their parents. As parents, you must be the 'at home teachers,' working with your child on both technique and theory. It is one of our core beliefs that passionate parents make passionate students!