What do I need before my first violin lesson?


A Properly Sized Violin

Usually for students 14 and older a full sized (4/4) violin is perfect! For children and younger teens a smaller violin will be required. I suggest going to Mhyre's Music for any of your needs If you are unsure about violin for you or your child there are options to rent, trade in, or put the rental money towards a new instrument 


A Shoulder Rest

 I recommend the Kun collapsible shoulder rest. Not all students require a shoulder rest in their violin lessons, but only in rare cases where the students neck is very short.


Rosin and the Book

Rosin helps the bow catch the string, apply once to twice a week 

 Wait until after your first lesson to buy your book. Depending on the student, a different method may be required. Photocopies of music will be provided in the first weeks of violin lessons. 

Is my child ready to learn the violin?

"How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Violin Lessons"

"Approximately two days ago, an old friend of mine reconnected with me, asking if I thought that her five year old girl might be ready for violin lessons . . ."

"Age or Aptitude: When to Start Violin Lessons"

" Some start optimistically young, others driven by passion start much later in life, but when is the right time to start music lessons? "

Preparatory Vibrato - Palm Pats

A preparatory exercise to help free the wrist, and give you a controlled and relaxed vibrato!

Preparatory Vibrato - Wrist massage

This preparatory exercise can be done away from the violin, and should be done daily with your other exercises.

Preparatory Vibrato - Polishing The Banjo

Vibrato is a combination of arm, and wrist. The previous two exercises focused on the wrist and fingers; This will focus on the arm and how it relates to the left hand!

Links and content!

Kiwanis Music Festival


This is an event I encourage every student to perform in! Please check out the website if performance interests you.

Macewan Fall Festival


Smaller than the Kiwanis festival, but also a great opportunity to get adjudicated!

Mhyre's Music


My go to music store. As a musician and violin teacher I definitely recommend them above all else!

Twoset Violin


Very popular and funny content several of my students enjoy! Trigger warning to violists.